Oral Presentation Guidelines

Accepted File Formats:

Please submit your oral presentations in any of the following formats:

1. Powerpoint Presentation that has a Recording of your Narration

A how-to guide on how to record a voice over on Powerpoint: https://www.howtogeek.com/449836/how-to-record-voiceover-narration-in-powerpoint/

2.mp4 Video File format, max of 500MB

Powerpoint Template:

Please use the conference powerpoint template that was shared in the email communication by the organizers when you create your powerpoint presentation.

Deadline to Submit:

5 October 2021

Poster Presentation Guidelines

Poster Size, Orientation and File Type

• Orientation: Landscape (horizontal)

• Size: Widescreen | 16:9

• PDF file type

• Filename: Submission ID

• All information, including the text, images and tables must be included in ONE page or slide.

• Recommendation: Create your poster using Powerpoint and save it in PDF once finished.

Poster Content

• Language: English only

• Abstract Title (exactly the same as the submission)

• Declaration of conflict of interest for all author

• Note: Images used must be of sufficient resolution to ensure readability of the information

Deadline to Upload the Poster

5 October 2021